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Mr. Carl Naraine holds a Master's degree in Social Work from Fordham University, New York,USA.

C arl has held several roles including the clinical manager for a mainstream agency in Toronto where he worked for for 26 years. Carl pioneered the Men's wellness program in the nineties and with an able and competent team provides individual and group therapy to clients dealing with anger, depression,anxiety ,self-esteem, trauma and parenting. Carl facilitated court-mandated domestic assault groups in the regions of York, Toronto and Peel.

Carl is the owner and therapist of Anger Management and Family Counseling Centre in Brampton, Ontario. He works with several EAP organizations in Canada and the USA. In addition, Carl provides trauma therapy to the clients of Victim Services of Peel and Dufferin Regions. In addition, he offers counseling services to families impacted by Human Trafficking. He is called to provide trauma debriefings for Commercial Banks and Corporations. Carl is highly respected in the professional field. He has presented at workshops in the community and for organizations as well as in the USA and the Caribbean on issues of "Couples Work", Domestic violence, and Anger management .

Carl Naraine

He is accredited by the College of Social workers and Social Service.and a member of OASW. Carl is a highly experienced clinician. He has worked in counseling for over 30 years.