Adult Anger Management

Effective anger management works !!

Anger management classes/ Individual counselling offer clients the opportunity to learn proven strategies to manage anger, express his /her emotions in healthy ways , resolve conflicts, and to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy ways to express anger.

In the counselling sessions, you will gain an understanding of your anger and and learn skills to:

  • Understand the source of your anger and how to better deal with it.
  • Identify your anger triggers and anger cues.
  • Recognize the bodily cues, the thoughts, feelings and behaviours commonly associated with anger.
  • Notice and change the "Stinking/thinking" that are often associated with anger arousal.
  • Build skills to deal and to de escalate with difficult conversations .
  • learn/ practice Mindfulness techniques and self care strategies.

Upon request, the Anger management and Family Counselling Center will issue a report and/or a certificate of Completion which is usually accepted by the Ontario Justice Court system, upon the successful completion of specific programs.

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You don't have to have anger management issues to work with us. We offer general counseling to everyone the Anger Management & Family Counseling Centre.