Teen Anger Management

Help your child thrive with professional counseling

In these classes and one and one sessions, the teen will develop tools to tame his/her temper. Tools on Self -Awareness & Self Control. Anger can be powerful, managing it is sometimes challenging. It takes plenty of self awareness and self -control to manage angry feelings. We provide a safe, respectful and empathetic environment where the teen can identify and talk about his/her anger experiences and its impact on his/her life and others.We will deepen the concepts on self awareness and self-control so that the teen understands that he/she has more choices about how to act and by taking action the teen will not regret.

Goal of counseling

Decrease overall intensity and frequency of angry feelings and to increase one's ability to recognize and appropriately express angry feelings as they occur.

We will employ a range of techniques and skills to assist the teen understand:

  • Why we're angry,
  • Why holding on to one's anger causes harm.
  • Understand why venting can hurt
  • Acknowledging one's anger
  • Skills for expressing and communicating one's anger.
  • Learning to follow your body 's cues,safely and slowly.

Upon request, the Anger management and Family Counselling Center will issue a report and/or a certificate of Completion which is usually accepted by the Ontario Justice Court system, upon the successful completion of specific programs.

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You don't have to have anger management issues to work with us. We offer general counseling to everyone the Anger Management & Family Counseling Centre.