Customized Programs

Ending Domestic Abuse: A Program for men to end their abusive behaviour

Commitment to Change is a treatment program for men who have used emotional,verbal and /or physical abuse in their relationships, and wish to change.The primary goal of treatment is to help men end their abusive behaviour.

Treatment Goals:

  • To assist men in taking responsibility for stopping their abusive behaviour.
  • To help men establish relationships based on safety,equality and respect for their partners.
  • To help men to examine the effects of their abusive behaviours on themselves and in their relationships.
  • To help men repair and heal from the effects of their abuse.

Program Access

Telephone referrals are accepted by calling. We accept men who come voluntarily as well as men with pre-adjudicated charges before the court.
Telephone referrals are accepted by calling 416 573 5554

In individual counselling sessions

There are two ways to cope with stress.One is being able to tolerate stress, to function reasonably well in stressful situations and get through them.
The other way is recovering;getting back to normal when the stressful situation is over. Good Coping skills prevent
stress from getting us down and help us thrive in challenging times. Clients will learn how to develop a more balanced lifestyle by integrating stress
reduction,time management,and relaxation techniques in their daily lives.

Coping with depression : Moving past your past and moving forward

While depression can sometimes surprise us, like a sudden fog rolling in seemingly from nowhere,it is important to know the signs.

In counselling, you will work collaboratively with your counselor to:

  • Alleviate depressed mood and return to previous levels of effective functioning in personal like, at work and in your relationships.
  • Recognize depression as the cause of critical, dissatisfied attitude, below average work performance,or low energy and to develop skills to resolve these conditions.
  • Develop the ability to recognize situations and thoughts that trigger and usually lead to depressive states.
  • Learn and practice good self care strategies

How can we help you ?

One of the things that can make depression so difficult to recognize is that the symptoms can be things that we struggle
with from time to time-sadness, hopelessness, lethargy, lack of engagement. When these very normal human experiences happen in a combination ,duration, or
intensity that start to interfere with day-to-day life,it's possible that depression might be waving a heavy hand over you.

In the counseling sessions:

  • you will learn the telltale signs of anxiety and where they come from.
  • you will develop the skills to reduce the levels, frequency, and intensity of anxiety so that your personal growth and development are not impaired.
  • Resolve the core conflict that is the source of the anxiety.
  • Learn and practice techniques in relaxation, focused breathing, meditation, and Mindfulness

Anxiety: Getting to know and befriending your anxiety

Here are how people dealing with anxiety have noted:

  • It can come out of nowhere even without a trigger,and overwhelm you at any given time.It feels at times very powerful and scary.
  • People with anxiety are in a constant state of anxiety. It lingers on and is difficult to turn off no matter how hard you try.
  • It is hard at times to have a relationship when you suffer from anxiety as it can cause low self esteem and low self worth , and sometimes, you can push people away because of it.
  • Hypervigilance- you can become super aware of things going on in your surroundings, whether conscious of it or not.This can make you an easy target to scare and it can take a while to calm down .
  • It is exhausting being on the edge is physically and mentally draining. It is so much more than just the mind. It affects appetite, behaviours, emotions -everything.

We can help you

We have heard that anxiety is a normal part of our experiences. We have all felt it at different times in our lives,
such as job loss, pandemics, and major life changes and transitions.
While the term is used very loosely, it can be very debilitating.

Couples counselling : We can work it out- making sense of marital conflicts

In the couple's counseling sessions , you will each talk about your issues in the relationship, then work to identify strategies to manage these issues. In the couple's counseling therapy, you will :

  • Develop more effective coping techniques to deal with feelings surrounding the marital conflict.
  • Resolve conflicts and develop mutual respect for each other in the relationship.
  • Develop and practice the skills for effective,open,mutually satisfying communication and intimacy.
  • Practice steps to getting good at repair skills in your relationship.

We can help you in the best way possible.

We all can remember a time in our lives where we have felt like giving up. Where we have felt exhausted,
drained,alone and hopeless.many relationships inevitably hit a point where both parties may think ?
What is happening to us? Where did we go wrong? Why can't we go back to how it used to be?

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You don't have to have anger management issues to work with us. We offer general counseling to everyone the Anger Management & Family Counseling Centre.